Western Alaska Region Map

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

-John Ruskin


The ancient Kuskokwim Mountains are the backdrop and contributors to the vast Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta and watershed. The massive Kuskokwim River runs parallel to the range, collecting water from the rivers that flow from the mountains of the same name Ancient and long gone glaciers, scoured wide river valleys amidst now much eroded and rounded peaks, creating conduits of life and vegetation which penetrate into the heart of the mountain range. . The rivers feeding into the lower Kuskokwim offer the ideal gravel and other conditions which have led all five species of Pacific salmon to return to them year after year as spawning habitat. It is in this perfect setting that Frontier River Guides offers our specialized Alaska wilderness fly fishing float trips.

An Alaska wilderness float trip in this region unveils crystal clear waters flowing through foothill like terrain with sweeping vistas and forests of aspen, spruce and cottonwood trees. A variety of wildlife inhabit the river valleys, including bear, moose, caribou, wolf , mink, beaver, eagle and other woodland creatures. The healthy salmon runs in the rivers themselves are what fuel this fertile ecosystem. Attendant are rainbow trout, dolly varden, arctic char and grayling, all striving for their share of the salmon fest of the summer months. An Alaska float trip in this region offers access to the unique leopard rainbow trout varietal with it's pronounced dark spots and flaming orange side stripe and gill cover.

This is where we come in; Frontier River Guides offers Alaska wilderness fly fishing float trips on three rivers in this region; the Aniak River, the Kisaralik river and the Kwethluk River. These rivers are of quite different nature, and each offers a variety of fly fishing situations as we move progressively down river through the habitat changes dictated by loss of altitude and also changing terrain. From high tundra lakes within the mountain ranges, these rivers carry our Alaska wilderness fly fishing river expeditions seaward through rushing upper waters, mid section pools and lower river braided sections that are a goldmine to the fisherman.

Our guide service offers the finest multi day Alaska float trips available on the remote rivers of the Kuskokwim Range. We provide our clientele with the most rewarding Alaska wilderness fly fishing float trip experiences available: Aniak River float trips, Kisaralik River float trips and Kwethluk River float trips. All are spectacular fisheries that offer an opportunity for excellent Alaska salmon fly fishing accompanied by endless chances to stalk and fly fish to Alaska rainbow trout, dolly varden, arctic char and grayling. The region offers unlimited opportunities for excellent Alaska wildlife viewing.