Western Alaska Fishing Trips

Fly-fishing is the most fun you can have standing up.

-Arnold Gingrich

Kisaralik River Float Trip

A Kisaralik River float trip offers the unparalleled fishing that we experienced up here 25+ years ago. This is a pristine wilderness river, consistently providing Alaska rainbow trout and salmon fly fishing that is off the charts. The only way to truly access the potential of the Kisaralik River is to float it, there are no lodges on the river. For this reason we rarely see other people out there, making the Kisaralik River ideal for an Alaska wilderness fly fishing float trip.Our Kisaralik River Alaska float trips start with a DeHavilland Beaver flight from the community of Bethel, taking us across the tundra and into the mountains, 110 miles to Kisaralik Lake. From there our Alaska rafting and fishing adventure continues 80 miles down the river to the west, through the Kilbuck Mountains. The scenery is varied and beautiful and wildlife abounds: bear, caribou, wolf, moose, beaver, waterfowl; even wolverine. The solitude is complete; perfect campsites are readily available, and at our secret locations incredible Alaska fly fishing lies just outside the door of your tent. We offer our Kisaralik River Alaska float trips on an eight day basis, but this may be easily extended in order to slow the pace of the trip. A Kisaralik River Alaska float trip provides a variety of fishing experiences: pools, "aquariums", holes, back channels, spawning beds, pot holes, log jams, tail outs, sweepers, root balls and a variety of holding waters loaded with beautiful rainbow trout, dolly varden, arctic char and grayling. Major runs of Alaska king salmon , chum and silver salmon provide sport fishing opportunities and later give nourishment to the jaw dropping numbers of very large rainbow trout that reside in the Kisaralik (commonly caught at 16-24 inches, occasionally up to 26+ inches). Not only is this a great river for mousing big 'bows, but the silver salmon will consistently rise to surface flies. This is a one of a kind Alaska float trip.

8 day Kisaralik River Alaska float trip $4,800/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


Arolik River Float Trip

The legendary Arolik River is a veritable Shangri La for an Alaska fly fishing and rafting expedition. Frontier River Guides is the sole provider of guided float trips on the Arolik. There are no lodges on the river and no other Alaska fly fishing guide services may access these waters. Our special permitting results in a unique and world class opportunity for our clientele to be the only guided parties to experience this small, clearwater Alaska wilderness fly fishing river. An Arolik River float trip offers fantastic Alaska salmon fly fishing to all 5 species of pacific salmon, incredible Alaska rainbow trout fishing, vast numbers of surprisingly large grayling and a gazillion sea run arctic char. By volume of water, no river in Alaska hosts so varied and amazing a quantity of finned biomass. It is utterly astounding. Salmon runs are chrome-er bright and fresh from the sea, the big rainbows are a leopard varietal, the char are huge and beautifully colored. An Arolik River Alaska fly fishing trip covers only 45 miles from Arolik Lake to the Bering sea, so the pace can be leisurely and relaxed. We access this river out of Bethel, Alaska; it is an hour's flight over incredible terrain in a DeHavilland Beaver float plane. Arolik Lake is one of the most beautiful locations from which to begin an Alaska raft fishing expedition. Initially shallow upper waters (holding grayling and char) give way to pools and runs that contain beautiful rainbow trout, as well the other resident species. This is a small and very wade-able river, not navigable by power boat other than in it's lower 5 miles. The terrain is scenic and camping is readily available. An Alaska fly fishing float trip on the Arolik River is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

8 day Arolik River Alaska float trip $5,200/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


Aniak River Float Trip

An Aniak River float trip is a sweet experience. The Aniak River is the most northerly river offering Alaska rainbow trout fly fishing, and fortuitously hosts substantial runs of all five species of Pacific salmon to fatten the 'bows up for the extreme winters of those latitudes. These are some big rainbows, beautifully colored, commonly running 17-24 inches. The Aniak River offers an Alaska fly fishing and rafting trip through some of the states most productive fish habitat, sporting excellent numbers of resident rainbow trout, grayling, dolly varden and migratory arctic char, as well. A Frontier River Guides Aniak River fly fishing trip begins in the community of Aniak, Alaska with a bush plane flight to the Bell Creek Mine landing strip. This classic Alaska float fishing trip launches near the confluence of Cripple Creek and the Salmon River; crystal clear, easily waded waters, laden with a healthy population of arctic grayling that are eager to respond to dry flies and streamers. Gradually, as the Salmon River winds through the Kilbuck Mountains, we reach a region where the clean gravel riverbed meets the spawning needs of salmon, and we begin to encounter very large, beautiful rainbow trout, dolly varden and arctic char who are there to feed on salmon roe and eventually flesh. From the confluence of the Salmon River with the Aniak River, the character the fly fishing changes to back channel braids, stream confluences and other secluded and highly productive holding waters. Although a handful of outfitters and small lodges do operate on the river, the Aniak River float trip offers absolutely first class Alaska fly fishing, and spin fishing as well.

8 day Salmon/Aniak Alaska River float trip $4,800/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


Kwethluk River Float Trip

An Alaska float trip on the Kwethluk River is like a step back through the portals of time. This is the way Alaska fly fishing was down in Bristol Bay 25 years ago: countless wild rainbow trout that have almost never been fished to. Shangri-La. The Kwethluk River provides an ultimately remote and untainted Alaska float trip, there are no lodges and no other commercial operations on the river. A Kwethluk River float trip begins with a DeHavilland Beaver flight from the community of Bethel 100 miles east to Boundary Lake. Skirting the edges of the Kilbuck Mountains, we find easily waded upper waters holding dolly varden and grayling. Soon we descend into a network of side channels, eddies, holes and salmon spawning beds that offer excellent fly fishing to Alaska rainbow trout (commonly 14-21 inches, ranging up to 24 inches) and king, chum and silver salmon. Abundant camp sites with adjacent fishing holes are a hallmark of the Kwethluk River. This is an Alaska float trip which offers total wilderness solitude for your group.The remote nature of the Kwethluk River affords very good wildlife viewing opportunities and a feeling of complete solitude that will lift the human spirit. There is no competition for fishing waters or camp locations so that a completely relaxing Alaska fly fishing raft trip experience may be enjoyed.

8 day Kwethluk River Alaska float trip $4,800/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


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