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The difference between fly fishers and worm dunkers is the quality of their excuses.


American Creek Float Trip

An American Creek float trip is one of the pinnacles of Alaska fly fishing and rafting experiences. The river offers three entirely different ecological zones, providing a great variety of fishing situations, fish habitat and surrounding scenery. An Alaska float trip is the only way to access much of American Creek, affording plentiful opportunities to wade and bank fish as we travel 45 miles by raft west and then south through the Walatka Mountains, accessing otherwise unreachable waters. The upper portion of American Creek is a classic mountain fly fishing stream, habitat which hosts unusually abundant insect hatches and features the finest Alaska rainbow trout dry fly fishing in the state. The character of American Creek quickly changes as our Alaska float trip travels westerly into the mid river canyon section of rushing tail out pools and riffles that hold broad shouldered Alaska rainbow trout and arctic char. American Creek turns south in the canyon section and then spills into the lowlands north of Coville Lake, terminus of the river. The resulting braided lower section of American Creek offers pot hole fishing and sight casting to the rainbows and char. The 'bows are very large in this river, up to 30 inches, with most fish ranging 18-25 inches. The char can be almost as large, and many tens of thousands of sockeye salmon will navigate, spawn, die and nourish the river system. This is one of the only rivers in Alaska where the sockeye salmon will aggressively pursue a streamer. Our American Creek float trips kick off in the community of King Salmon with a bush plane flight northeasterly to Hammersly Lake (headwaters of American Creek) which is located in the Walatka Mountains. An American Creek Alaska fly fishing and rafting trip, is comparatively strenuous, and is for the adventurous and sturdy group. Log jams and shifting channels in the braided portion of the river may lead to lining or portaging the rafts. An Alaska fly fishing adventure on American Creek will afford your group incomparable Alaska bear viewing opportunities, as well as the likelihood of seeing caribou, wolf, moose and other species. American Creek is one of the ultimate Alaska river float trips.

7 day American Creek float trip $4,300/person (based on double occupancy)

5 Day American Creek float trip $3,900/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


Alagnak River Float Trip

Frontier River Guides' Alagnak River float trips offers a relaxed paced and very pleasant Alaska fly fishing and rafting experience. A designated National Wild and Scenic River, the Alagnak's upper portion skirts the edge of the Walatka Mountains and originates from both Nonvianuk Lake and Kukaklek Lake, then continues flowing some 60 miles to the west and north. Trophy Alaska rainbow trout hold at the out falls of both these lakes, fattening up for the winter on aquatic insect life and sockeye salmon roe and flesh. The upper waters of the Alagnak River offer an opportunity to hook these big Alaska rainbow trout on dry flies and nymphs. A day's journey from either headwaters lake the Nonvianuk and Alagnak branches merge and the character of the fishing changes to one of numerous island tail out seams and wade-able submerged gravel bars. The Alagnak River offers many miles of splendid clear water habitat, structure and spawning beds. The braided mid river portion of this Alaska float trip offers superlative fly fishing, and the gravel bars of the lower river are very productive "big water" fly fishing. The Alagnak River system is home to one of the world's largest sockeye salmon runs, which provides a huge quantity of nourishment for the ecosystem. The Alagnak River also hosts runs of all five species of Pacific salmon as well as excellent numbers of rainbow trout (commonly 15-22 inches, with the largest at 26 inches), dolly varden, char and arctic grayling. The Alaska bear viewing is very good and other wildlife abound. While the Alagnak River Alaska float trip offers fly fishing at its best, the river fishes well with either fly or spin tackle.

7 day Alagnak River float trip $4,300/person (based on double occupancy)

5 Day Alagnak River float trip $3,900/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


Moraine Creek Float Trip Float Trip

A Moraine Creek Alaska fly fishing adventure will take you to the home of the really big 'bows. This is where the trophy guys hang out, the largest rainbow trout in Alaska. Although Moraine Creek is a very short river and does not offer the solitude, adventure and variety of Frontier River Guides other Alaska float trips, if a person wants to catch very large rainbows (to 32 inches), this is the place of choice. Moraine Creek offers consistent trophy Alaska rainbow trout fly fishing, with the average fish being 18-24 inches. We begin our Moraine Creek Alaska float trips near the confluence of Moraine Creek and Funnel Creek, and camp two nights each at the upper, mid and lower portions of the river. The entire length of Moraine Creek is above tree line, set in beautiful high tundra country. This is primarily a late summer fishery where we are casting egg patterns behind spawning sockeye salmon, yet there is a narrow window of excellent dry fly fishing to be had in the early summer. The Moraine also has a population of huge grayling in the short canyon section, which will rise to a dry fly even in the peak of the sockeye salmon spawn. All the fishing on Moraine Creek involves wading and bank fishing. The bear viewing opportunities are incredible. Moraine Creek is an exotic Alaska float trip that will forever remain etched in your memory.

7 day Moraine Creek float trip $4,300/person (based on double occupancy)

5 day Moraine Creek float trip $3,900/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


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