Katmai Region Map

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

-John Ruskin


Katmai National Park, located on the Alaska Peninsula, is a land of extremes. Ranging from low lying muskeg to high alpine tundra; from unbroken flat horizons to jagged peaks and gigantic volcanoes that seem to drop directly into the sea. Here is the Mecca for an Alaska wilderness float trip, and an opportunity to experience fly fishing for Alaska salmon and rainbow trout that exceeds all expectations. If you are considering an Alaska raft fishing trip, look no further; Frontier River Guides has dialed in on the pools, back channel braids, tail outs, eddies and riffles that grace the rivers on which we operate our Katmai Region Alaska float trips. We offer not only the most enjoyable and well provisioned of fly fishing river trips on world class Alaska fly fishing waters, but also among the more economically priced.

The waters in the vicinity of Katmai National Park provide habitat for the perpetuation of the world's largest wild salmon runs. For this reason the Katmai is the ideal place to go for an Alaska wilderness fishing trip. The nutrition that the spawning salmon bring inland from the sea promotes ecosystems that are the world's finest for remote Alaska salmon fly fishing trips. These watersheds are enriched by the carcasses of the spawning salmon; the resulting foliage and insect life further improves the habitat and the viability of resident species of fish, resulting in world class fly fishing for Alaska rainbow trout,. The rivers of the Katmai region offer incomparable Alaska wilderness fly fishing float trip opportunities for five species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, dolly varden, arctic char and arctic grayling.

Frontier River Guides activities in the Katmai Region are focused on three rivers that offer first class Alaska wilderness float trips: American Creek, Moraine Creek and the Alagnak River. Each watershed offers an entirely different set of characteristics and circumstances, yet all provide excellent runs of wild salmon and opportunities for world class fly fishing for Alaska rainbow trout and other resident species. The rivers in this region tend to have braided sections consisting of small back channels and pools that are spawning territory for salmon and sheltering waters for the resident fish. Our Alaska fly fishing river adventures offer access to these hidden waters of the Katmai Region.

Our Alaska fly fishing guide service offers the finest multi day Alaska float trips available on the remote rivers of the Katmai region. We provide our clientele with the most rewarding wilderness Alaska fly fishing adventures available: American Creek float trips, Moraine Creek and Alagnak River float trips. All are spectacular fisheries that offer an opportunity for excellent Alaska salmon fly fishing accompanied be endless chances to stalk and fly fish to Alaska rainbow trout, dolly varden, arctic char and grayling. The region also offers unlimited opportunities for incredible Alaska bear and wildlife viewing.