Guides & Staff

A fisherman has many dreams. Sometimes dreams, even those of fishermen, come true

-Zane Grey

At Frontier River Guides, we set out to provide the finest Alaska wilderness fly fishing float trip experiences possible. Period. The critical factor in attaining this objective is the quality of our guide staff. Our team of experienced, capable, upbeat and intelligent Alaska fly fishing guides are the best in the business, this is why people return to fish with us year after year. We are proud of our ability to attract and hold onto so talented and harmonious a team. Together we have explored the rivers we operate on and refined the Frontier River Guides "program". Our Alaska float trips are well oiled and smooth operating. Our staff truly enjoy working together and this is reflected in the positive outcomes for our Alaska Fly Fishing Raft trip clientele.


Marty grew up in the frontier town of Fairbanks, Alaska where at a young age he began his fishing and river adventures. Marty is at home in the wilderness and enjoys sharing his passion for adventure and the beauty of Alaska with our guests. Marty's wilderness skills have been developed through many years of back country experience as a fly fisherman, mountaineer, river rat, gold prospector, skier, adaptive outdoor recreation specialist and wilderness guide. Marty first began his guiding career on the Kanektok River in 1982. In 1998, after many years of conducting Alaska float trips and driving guide boats for reputable lodges and outfitters, Marty established Frontier River Guides, intending to offer the finest wilderness Alaska fly fishing float trips available. He has explored countless miles of back channels and hidden river braids by raft and on foot to locate the best, most secluded and productive fishing waters on the several rivers on which Frontier River Guides operates. Marty's culinary skills and joviality set the tone for the Frontier River Guides approach to providing memorable Alaska wilderness fly fishing vacations.


Pat Ganje (13 years with FRG) is an enthusiastic Alaska float trip guide and Alaska fly fishing maestro. Pat recently relocated with his wife and daughters to live in Colorado, where in the winters they can focus on their love of skiing and in the spring and fall to raft and fish Rocky Mountain waters. Pat returns like one of the geese every summer to Alaska, to cheer us down the rivers with his undaunted good spirits and enthusiasm for Alaska fly fishing raft trips. He knows how to deliver the goods, is a keen fisherman and is dedicated to connecting people with excellent Alaska salmon fishing and Alaska rainbow trout fishing experiences. Pat always keeps his cool and knows how to flow a group down the river for a successful Alaska fly fishing raft trip.


Larry Holmgren, (7 seasons with FRG), although originally from New York City, Larry is one of the most staunch and capable of wilderness Alaska fly fishing trip guides in the state. He came to Alaska many years ago to complete a degree in Outdoors Studies at Alaska Pacific University, and has gone on to be gainfully employed in the outdoors recreation industry for many years. Year round, Larry looks after the safety and well being of people in extreme wilderness conditions. From ascents of Denali and adventures in the Antarctic, to remote river rafting fly fishing trips in Alaska, he is a go to guy when it comes to expeditions of any kind. A client was once heard to say, “pound for pound, Larry is the strongest, fastest working guy I have ever seen”. Ultimately capable, good hearted, well versed at putting people into excellent fishing...and, as and with all of the FRG crew, Larry is an excellent chef.


Tom Schwartz (7 years with FRG) has accrued twenty years experience as an Alaska wilderness river guide, naturalist and environmental educator. Guided Alaska float trips are a perfect fit for Tom, who is enthusiastic, up beat and hard working. Born in Alaska, Tom is now raising a family in Juneau, where he also works as a naturalist, providing hands on nature education programs for elementary school children. Tom has been fly fishing since he was eight years old and is adept at steering people into the right water and the correct techniques to make things happen. He is solid behind the oars, is very efficient around camp and has training in the culinary arts; all of which make Tom a superlative Alaska fly fishing float trip guide.


Zak Decker (6 seasons with FRG), has the dubious distinction of being the boss's son, and while he is cut no slack by anyone (poor guy), he is able to truly hold his own. Zak is a very solid rower, capable Alaska fly fishing guide and all around great guy to have on board for a wilderness Alaska float trip. Zachary is highly regarded by our clientele for his level headed approach to things and his ability to be conversant with people many years his senior. When things get tough, Zak is a handy guy to have around, he doesn't whine and he gets the job done. Zak has years of Alaska salmon fishing experience and been fly fishing for Alaska rainbow trout and other resident species since he was 6 years old.


Cory Hansen (2 seasons with FRG) is a lifelong resident of Juneau, Alaska, and is a seasoned, second generation fly fisherman. Cory was raised in a family oriented towards outdoors adventure, and he carries on the tradition admirably. Congenial and good natured, Cory can take weather and storm, and still be smiling. He is a top notch Alaska fly fishing float trip guide. Cory’s enthusiasm and work ethic make him a very handy guy to have on board for an Alaska fly fishing trip in the wilderness. His youthfulness belies his high degree of capability and talent at contributing to a positive experience for our fishermen. As with the entire FRG crew, Cory is a avid skier and works winters as a pro patrolman at Eagle Crest Ski Area outside of Juneau.


Mark Williams (1 year with FRG) is our new resident chef and food coordinator. Based out of Anchorage Mark prepares some of our delicious main courses in advance and resupplies the guide teams with food between trips. Mark is a truehearted Alaskan and artistic individual. One realm of his creative talent lies in the kitchen. Mark has many years experience working as a chef in local eateries and as a caterer. He enjoys baking and 4 wheeling and, by the way, makes the best jams and jellies in the world.