Alaska Range Region Map

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

-John Ruskin


The Alaska Range Is a towering scythe of peaks that slice the landmass of Alaska in an arc east to west paralleling the contour of the Gulf of Alaska. The peaks of the Alaska Range are new, jagged and heavily glaciated; they include the tallest and sixth tallest peaks in North America, Mt. McKinley and Mt. Foraker. The winter ice and snow of the Alaska Range are a source of potential energy that bursts forth every spring and reveals itself in waters released into the streams and rivers of the mountain region.

The rivers of the western Alaska Range offer a variety of memorable Alaska wilderness float trip experiences. From the swift, clear watersheds that flow from Mt. McKinley and the other prominent peaks in south central Alaska, to the meandering flows of the more ancient mountains in the western extremes of the range, there are many Alaska fly fishing opportunities to be explored. Frontier River Guides specializes in fly fishing; but we are happy to fish in any manner: fly, spin or bait caster; beginner to expert. Our wilderness fly fishing guide service is ready and willing to share the best of what Alaska has to offer with you. We adapt our Alaska fly fishing float trips to the qualities and conditions present on each of the rivers that we fish in the Alaska Range. Many years of experience has taught us the location of all the prime fish holding waters, yet we bring a fresh perspective, new gear and an varied menu to each of our Alaska float trips, year after year.

Frontier River Guides activities in the Alaska Range are focused on three rivers that offer first class Alaska wilderness float trips: Lake Creek, the Stuyahok River and the Talachulitna River. Each watershed offers an entirely different set of characteristics and circumstances, yet all provide excellent runs of wild salmon and opportunities for world class fly fishing for Alaska rainbow trout and other resident species. An Alaska fly fishing raft trip in the Alaska Range region is usually a straight forward thing. The proximity of the Alaska Range to the sea results in rivers that tend to course fairly directly to the salt water, as opposed to "braiding out" as do the rivers in Western Alaska and the Katmai region.

Our Alaska fly fishing river guide service offers the finest multi day float trips available on the remote rivers of the Alaska Range. We provide our clientele with the most rewarding Alaska wilderness fly fishing float trip experiences available: Lake Creek float trips, Talachulitna River float trips and Stuyahok River float trips. All are spectacular fisheries that offer an opportunity for excellent Alaska salmon fly fishing accompanied by endless chances to stalk and fly fish to Alaska rainbow trout, dolly varden, arctic char and grayling. The region also offers unlimited opportunities for excellent Alaska wildlife viewing.