Alaska Range Fishing Trips

There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm.

-Patrick F. McManus

Lake Creek Float Trip

A Lake Creek fly fishing trip is always fun! Lake Creek was our original "home” river, it offers a very accessible and economical wilderness Alaska river float trip, provides terrific fishing and is comparatively close to Anchorage. Although there are other outfitters who offer fly fishing trips on Lake Creek, Frontier River Guides has been fishing this river on a regular basis for more years than any other wilderness Alaska fly fishing guide service; we know the water and fishing conditions like no one else.

Lake Creek flow southerly from Chelatna Lake, located at the base of North America's tallest peak, Denali (Mt. McKinley). After a 65 mile journey through some excellent Alaska fly fishing waters, Lake Creek joins the much larger Yentna River, which provides a long straight, wide section of water for our float plane pick up. Enjoyable, modest white water stretches on Lake Creek make for fun Alaska river rafting, and also keeps the power boats off of some 58 miles of beautiful wilderness Alaska fly fishing country. A Lake Creek float trip rewards the traveler with tail out pools, eddies, salmon spawning beds, boulder fields and other habitat that hold excellent numbers of large rainbow trout, commonly 15-22 inches (occasionally to 25+ inches) and also beautiful numerous arctic grayling.

There are strong runs of all five species of pacific salmon that enter Lake Creek through the summer, and this is a particularly great place for some Alaska king salmon fly fishing, as well as silver salmon fishing with a fly rod later in the summer. As the summer progresses, a Lake Creek Alaska float trip offers a variety of fly fishing (and spin fishing) opportunities; from early season dry flies to late season flesh patterns and streamers. The river can offer incredible views of Denali and the Alaska Range; there is a good likelihood of spotting moose, bear, fox, rapiers , beaver and other wildlife as we float Lake Creek.

7 day Lake Creek float trip $3,800/person (based on double occupancy)

5 day Lake Creek float trip $3,400/personn (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


Koktuli River Float Trip

One of the 49th state's fly fishing gems is the Koktuli River, offering a rarely traveled and deeply satisfying wilderness Alaska fly fishing trip.  The river ecosystem contains many miles of ideal spawning beds for all species of Pacific salmon except for pink salmon.  When the various salmon species are running they are easily fished to.  Salmon roe and flesh provide nutrition to fatten up the many large (15"-23") beautiful rainbow trout, as well as numerous dolly varden and arctic grayling.

The river is short, sweet and intimate, flowing westerly 35 miles, from the ancient mountains west of Lake Iliamna to it's confluence with the Mulchatna River.  This is a classic small fly fishing stream.  An Alaska fly fishing raft expedition on the Koktuli River offers miles and miles of riffle-and-pool waters that are easily waded and hold excellent numbers of resident species.  The river is dynamic, often altering course from year to year as the upper waters flow through rolling tundra, eventually giving way to spruce and birch forest below the confluence of the north and south forks.

The forested zone, which comprises the lower two thirds of the river, is meandering, braided and infinitely fishable.  Providing one of the finest fly fishing float trips in Alaska, the Koktuli River is accessed through the small community of Iliamna, Alaska.

7 day Koktuli River float trip $4,400/person (based on double occupancy)

5 day Koktuli River float trip $4,000/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


Stuyahok River Float Trip

The Stuyahok River offers an Alaska float fishing trip of unparalleled solitude. Very few people fly fish or spin fish on this beautiful little river. The Stuyahok offers a unique Alaska fly fishing experience that it is less confined to specific holes and pools than with many rivers up here, instead consisting of some 25 miles of perfect classic trout waters that may be waded without interruption.

The Stuyahok River Alaska float trip initially travels easterly through exotic high tundra country and continues on that bearing through the boreal forests of Lake Clark National Park. The Stuyahok eventually joins the Mulchatna River on its journey to the sea. This is a small Alaska fly fishing stream of very predictable character, in a beautiful setting and it offers an Alaska river fishing trip at a relaxed pace.

The Stuyahok Alaska float fishing trip is only 35 miles in length, yet it features mile after mile of productive fish habitat. Although the rainbow trout are incredibly numerous, they are somewhat smaller than on the trophy Alaska fishing rivers, instead ranging 13-18 inches (with some larger fish up to 23 inches). There are countless beautiful large arctic grayling in the river, as well. Excellent runs of king salmon and silver salmon contribute to the quality of an Alaska fly fishing vacation spent on this river and the other tributaries to the Mulchatna.

7 day Stuyahok River float trip $4,400/person (based on double occupancy)

5 day Stuyahok River float trip $4,000/person (based on double occupancy)

extended trips and luxury camp upgrades available


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